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Imagination is the key to creativity!

Lana Osborne first registered Creativity Plus Ltd as a purely Graphic Design business on the 20th of November 2006. She started from her home, then made the jump, moving her business in to a small back section on Wood Street. Through hard work and dedication, she relocated to Tay Street where she began to make complex models and stationery from wood. Due to the demolition of the building, she finally our current location, 86 Dee Street. Lana's a proud South-lander with the accent, sayings and sass.

At the end of April 2019, Dillon, who was working at the pizza store next door knocked on the back door and volunteered his time in exchange for experience. Fast track a year and a bit later, Dillon has made the team, as a Junior Graphic Designer and Marketing Assistant. For years he would play around on computers, making anything from videos to music, and is now determined to turn that meaningless enjoyment into something beneficial for the local businesses of Invercargill.




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