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Imagination is the key to creativity!

Lana Osborne first registered Creativity Plus Ltd as a purely Graphic Design business on the 20th of November 2006. She started from her home, then made the jump, moving her business into a small back section on Wood Street. Through hard work and dedication, she relocated to Tay Street where she began to make complex models and stationery from wood. Due to the demolition of the building and reconstruction of the CBD centre, she finally made the move to our current location, 86 Dee Street.

Lana's a proud South-lander with the accent, sayings and sass.

With 15 years of industry expertise, the store is a global competitor for both personal and business graphic marketing solutions. We cater for SME’s to large firms and pride ourselves in being active members of the community. You can always catch Lana, Sam the bubbly store cockatoo parrot and the team composing some innovative artistic projects or catch Lana out and about on the weekend at one of the South Island's. Thieves Alley and Mandeville Craft Festival fairs. You can find her beautiful, crazy and innovative stall designs if you're ever in the vicinity.

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